Creativity in your inbox. Free art in your mailbox.

Hey everyone! I’m so excited to *officially* announce a new way for you to stay in touch with me and my business that doesn’t involve silly algorithms and you hanging out on social media all day. I’ve finally taken the plunge and created an email list for my most dedicated supporters.

So what does that mean? It means special sales just for subscribers during the biggest buying seasons of the year. It means behind-the-scenes looks at my work and my process, including videos and timelapses. It means you get to know as soon as something new goes up in the shop… especially those one of a kind pieces. But if you’re anything like me, I know you’re not interested in getting emails daily that you never even end up opening anyway or emails that don’t relate at all to what you’re interested in. And I wear a lot of different hats at South Ranch Creative. That’s why I’m letting new subscribers choose their interests. Less unnecessary emails. More of what YOU want. If you’re only interested in DIY and craft tutorials, just select that option. If you’re not creative, but have a small business that needs a branding upgrade, select graphic design and custom services. And if you just love my work and watching me make it, choose the home goods and arts option. Don’t worry though, you can select as many as you like!

But there’s one more bonus I am particularly excited about because I’ve never done anything like it before. The first 50 subscribers to my new email list will have the opportunity to receive a FREE original 5×5″ pen and ink illustration from the series I started through Inktober (check it out on my Instagram). I’ll send out an email once the first 50 people subscribe, and you’ll all have the option to opt in and receive your free illustration and maybe a little thank you note from yours truly. I’m so thankful too to those of you who have already joined. I’m BLOWN AWAY by the amount of support I’ve gotten and I’m so happy to be able to offer something to my biggest supporters.

I hope you consider signing up and feel free to email or comment with any questions.


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