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Quotes that Matter Monday | Imitate Nature

One thing I’ve learned by growing up in the millennial generation is that we are obsessed with quotes. Quotes about life. Quotes that inspire us. Quotes that make us laugh. Quotes that somehow describe our life so perfectly at that moment that it’s a miracle that someone else said it. And I love it. If quotes can make us feel more connected as human beings, make us laugh, or help us feel better when we are down, then I am 100% a fan.


This is why I’m starting a post series called Quotes that Matter Monday (hashtag it, y’all) where I illustrate one of my favorite meaningful quotes and share it with the rest of the world in the hopes that they might draw meaning out of it too. This weeks quote is by one of my biggest role models: adventurer, writer, and child at heart, Jedidiah Jenkins.


“Whenever you can, imitate nature. You just might remember that indeed you are also an animal in her kingdom. We spend so much time avoiding this”  -Jedidiah Jenkins

So why does imitating nature matter? You can take it as literally or figuratively as you want, but nature has been around for a whole heck of a lot longer time than mankind has, so there’s definitely something that it can teach us. For me, being more in-tune with nature helps me better appreciate the things I have, which in turn helps me stay more humble, focused, and generous. So what does being in-tune with nature do for you? #quotesthatmattermonday




Check out Jed’s Insta and his blog about his amazing bike trip, Oregon to Patagonia. They’ll blow your mind. Oh, and he’s writing a book on this trip and his life, so be on the lookout soon!


Live intentionally,

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